There are many options available to SEBIL Center’s learners for accommodations at a reasonable price. In addition, SEBIL Center helps to arrange any option that suits your needs, otherwise,  you can look for your own housing by yourself:
Learn Arabic and enjoy your stay in Ramallah, Palestine!
(1) Studio:

Live in a quiet furnished Studio which is not far from the City Center.
The price doesn't cover meals.
There is a free Internet access.
The studio consists of one bedroom, a bathroom and sometimes with a small living room and a balcony (it varies, and depends on availability), small kitchen with some kitchen appliances, TV and refrigerator.
The cost of the rent varies between €1150 Euro to €1500 Euro which covers 4 weeks. The cost depends on several elements: such as the season, location, quality and other things.
The rent covers water and Wi-Fi bills for the four weeks.

(2) Local Family:

The Center helps students who prefer to stay with a local Arab family which its cost varies from €1,950 to €2,250 Euro for four weeks.
You will have your own bedroom, a private bathroom but sometimes the bathroom is shared.
Price covers the breakfast meal.

(3) In a hotel:

The Center helps students to book a room whom prefer to stay in hotels.
Prices vary and depend on the hotel itself, and started from €100 Euro a night.
We can provide you with the names of the hotels, locations, stars, and their prices when requested.

(4) In a furnished apartment:

The Center can help you get a furnished apartment for a learner or a group of learners who want to live together for a longer period.
Prices vary and depend on the quality and the location and started from €2500 a month in addition to the real estate fee which is equal to a half of a month rent amount, and the insurance fee. You can contact the Center for the exact prices.

Important note:
In order to make reservation for any of accommodation choices prior to the starting date of the course, it is necessary to inform the Center and pay  the Accommodation Booking Fee (€50) needed to arrange the rent prior to your arrival in addition to the rent fee according to your selected option.

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