SEBIL Center For Arabic Language; Ramallah, Palestine offers intensive language programs and non-intensive (short-term) language programs in addition to private classes (one-to-one) or with a small group, online Arabic courses and weekend Arabic courses. Moreover, SEBIL Center offers special courses according to learners level and time. These programs are divided into classical and colloquial courses and have flexible schedules throughout the year.

SEBIL Center Arabic Language Programs are designed for people who want to learn, improve or perfect their language skills, while enjoying their free time in Palestine.

The classes consist of small groups (average of 5-6 students) and that is the key to efficient learning. That's why SEBIL Center exclusively offers these types of programs. we guarantee maximum learning success and an intensive learning experience full of fun during your stay in Palestine.
  Arabic Training Programs
Modern standard Arabic (MSA) at Sebil Center is taught at a high level of expertise for more than 20 years. It achieves wonderful results to learners, college students, journalists, diplomats, politicians and all interested people.
This kind of programs is designed for busy people who want to acquire and learn Arabic Language for their profession or for personal reasons in their week end’s days. The program has flexible schedules that can meet your available time...
Speak the Palestinian Dialect, the most closest dialect to the standard Arabic and communicate with Arab people round the world easily. It is the most closest dialect to the standard Arabic and communicate with Arab people round the world easily.
Do you want to improve your Arabic? Don't you have time to attend classical classes? We can help you improve your fluency in Arabic via Skype, through conversational lessons, and personalized topics according to your level and needs. 
If you are looking to merge between Modern Standard Arabic and Colloquial Arabic, the Mixed Program is very suitable for you. You can learn the two programs in the same time and you can understand the correlation between them.
This course is designed for people who have no fixed time to learn the language or have their own purpose to learn the language. Therefore, group courses aren’t suitable for them. They need flexible shcedule and a special learning plan.
This kind of programs is suitable for learners who don’t have enough time to study Arabic and in the same time would like to benefit form their available free time through their stay in the country by acquiring new language skill or improving their Arabic.
Sebil Center offers other special and concentrated Arabic programs for specific purposes. For example, Arabic language For Diplomats, For College Students And Researchers, For Media, and Summer Arabic For Kids.

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