Do you want to improve your Arabic? We can help you improve your fluency in Arabic via Skype, through conversational lessons, and personalized topics according to your level and needs. You can improve your Arabic by regularly learning with our native-Arab teachers. Our teachers are from different backgrounds and experiences.

SEBIL Center offers one-to-one online Arabic classes with native speakers, as well as Arabic training classes for groups. Moreover, we train beginners to advanced level in Arabic language for business, travel, children's classes, academic purposes, media, drama, culture, journalism, politics, friendship and much more. You get to learn from personalized topics based on your needs, and interests live with one native speaker for each student.

SEBIL will discuss and agree a plan of action to develop your skills and knowledge. We will work with you, give feedback and suggestions, keep lessons interesting and support you in your learning. We help our students develop their Arabic language skills
in a positive, enjoyable and memorable way. Lessons are unique and individual for each student. We believe learning should be an enjoyable and memorable experience.

You can choose the accent of your teacher for various Arabic colloquial dialects. You can learn Arabic anywhere in the world, you can choose your time, and you can choose the days for your classes.
  E-Learning (Online) Arabic Program
Why Study With Us?
We pay attention to each individual’s language need.
We encourage class contribution and participation.
Lessons are interactive and engaging.
Excellent teaching methods.
Resourceful teaching materials.
Ensure corrections and give feedbacks.
Provide guidance on continuous improvement.
Flexible schedule.
Easy and comfortable learning environment through Skype.
What Do We Offer?
We offer a clear theme.
A fun and relaxed teaching style.
Powerful presentations.
Speaking opportunities for each learner.
New vocabulary acquisition.
Grammar input.
Interactive links, videos and MP3 files.
Course book support.
Accurate pronunciation models and correction throughout the lesson.
Schedule & Fees
Option Lessons/Day Days/Week Total Lessons/ Week Total Lessons/Month Fee/Month
1 1 1 1 4 €330 Euro
2 2 1
2 8 €580 Euro
3 2 2 4 16 €930 Euro
4 2 3 6 24 €1202 Euro
5 2 4 8 32 €1618 Euro
Notes:  E-Learning Arabic Program (Arabic Online Course)

* Lesson = 50 Minutes.
* Registration fee: €50 Euro paid once at registration.
* Extending a program to more weeks or lessons should be done at least one week prior to the end of the current course.
* All prices quoted are subject to change without notice!

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