Sebil Center for Arabic Language - Ramallah, Palestine - has great experiences and is specialized in teaching Arabic for over 20 years, and offers various Arabic language programs for different purposes: Online Arabic courses, Mixed Arabic courses (Standard & Colloquial Arabic), Standard Arabic courses, Colloquial Arabic courses, Week-End Arabic courses and Private Arabic courses (One-to-One). In addition to these programs, the Center offers other special concentrated Arabic programs for specific purposes. For example, Arabic language For Diplomats, Arabic language For College Students And Researchers, Arabic language For Media, and Summer Arabic language For Kids.
  Special Arabic Programs
It is a unique program dedicated to diplomatic and political purposes as well as for international cooperation, public administration, diplomatic and cultural procedures and protocols, public and practical life. The course introduces you to Arab local life through direct contact, media, correspondence, meetings, celebrations, etc.
It is dedicated for media, journalism, social media and others. There is a broad and flexible teaching method for the modern Arabic language in media from various sources such as the interviews that learners make with the local people and others, discussion, communicating and contacting with the various official and media bodies.
It is an ambitious, broad and pioneering program full of innovative activities that take into account the importance of time and students' results in their fields of specialization. So that students in this category greatly appreciate the level of education they receive and its consequences on their life.
We teach children the Arabic language with fun and unconventional activities. We help and encourage kids to live and practice their Arabic in the real life with local people by using all language skills. The program is taught in summer, and also can be taught round the year as shown in the schedule below.
This program is the largest one that combines several activities: social and cultural, with entertainment. This program gives you the chance to learn Arabic in a faster manner.

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Special Arabic Programs
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